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Robotic Microsurgery and It’s role in Vasectomy Reversal

With the introduction of microsurgical techniques to vasal reconstructions in the 1980s, the vasectomy reversal success rate improved tremendously. The microsurgical approach has become the gold standard for vasectomy reversal. We have continued to refine the microsurgical techniques over the last two decades. In the early 2000s Intuitive surgical, Inc. based in Silicon Valley introduced the DaVinci Robotic system. The technology has allowed human motion to be streamlined with robotic precision. With my training in both laparoscopic surgery and microsurgery, I consider DaVinci robotic technology a perfect addition to traditional microsurgery. Applying the same microsurgery principle, I now perform Vasovasostomy using the DaVinci Robot. The results are not superior to the already excellent outcomes of traditional microsurgical reconstruction. However, as a microsurgeon, DaVinci robotic microsurgery is preferable to me for an ergonomical reason. Rather than sitting or standing for hours in an awkward position, I can now sit down and do the reconstruction looking at a high definition, 3D monitor. Again, this is strictly a personal preference. The patient outcome is NOT superior with the robotic microsurgical approach. I am one of a handful of micro surgeons who have adopted the robotic microsurgical approach. Only time will tell whether this new approach of vassal reconstruction will be here to stay.